Why rent a Carimo villa?

A Qualified Collection of the Top 60+ Luxury Villas available that are elegantly appointed with the villa renter in mind.

Villas are Exclusively Represented and Managed by Carimo Villa Rentals.

Villas are inspected and qualified to ensure that every detail provides an unparalleled experience.

Carimo has the exclusive direct relationship with every villa owner.

Carimo Representatives have a “hands on” comprehensive working knowledge of every Carimo Villa in their inventory.

All Carimo Villas are elegantly appointed and comfortable, providing a complete range of features and services.

Over 29 years of continuous service of Representing Luxury Properties on St Martin.

Full On Island dedicated Concierge to manage all types of customized Services of the villa rental experience - available  24/7 including weekends and holidays.

Two Full Time Carimo Maintenance Staff on island available 24/7 including all weekends and holidays.

Carimo villa Rentals has a member of the Sales & Marketing Team living in the US available for all forms of communication.

How are the prices of the Villa determined?

All villas are privately owned and will vary from one villa to the next based on the villa owner’s decision.

Carimo makes a recommendation to the villa owner based on the existing market conditions.

There are three seasons: (1) High Season (2) Value Season (3) Christmas

Overall Size of Villa and Property
Number of Bedrooms

What is Included with a Carimo Villa Rental?

All villas are privately owned and will vary from one villa to the next based on the villa owner’s decision.  Check with the description of the particular villa of interest for full disclosure of all features and amenities included.

Carimo Villa Rentals does provide:

*On island Reservation Team to handle all aspects of your villa rental experience.

*On Island Dedicated Concierge to provide assistance with all questions and assistance in coordinating additional components to the villa rental experience including such items as car rentals, out-door activities, restaurant reservations, provisioning, golf tee times, etc.  Available 24 hours per day - 7 days per week including holidays.

*On island Villa Maintenance Team to respond to any villa maintenance requirement.

*Airport Escort to the Villa and introduction to the features of the villa.

What are some of the additional costs associated with renting a Carimo Villa?

All villas are privately owned and will vary from one villa to the next based on the villa owner’s decision.  Check with the description of the particular villa of interest for full disclosure of all features and amenities included.  In general, additional costs include:

Air Transportation
Car Rental
Long Distance Phone Calls
8% Government Tax & Service Charge

How far in the future do a majority of the Carimo Villa Rentals get reserved?

Carimo Villa Rentals has been operating for 29+ years and has a tremendous repeat following.  Many of the guests are quick to reserve the same villa for the following year.

In general,  a majority of the Carimo villas are reserved 4-6 months prior to the arrival of their guests.

What are the Deposit and Final Payment requirements of a Carimo Villa Rental?

For High & Value season a 25% initial deposit of the gross rental is due immediately following the verbal commitment to the villa.

Christmas season requires a 50% initial deposit.

A reservation is not considered valid until the initial deposit is received.

Final 75% payment of the Gross Rental fee is due 90 days prior to the arrival.

What are the Carimo Villa Rental Cancellation Policies?

The High and Value season cancellation fee is 25% of the gross rental if the cancellation is more than 90 days prior to the arrival...50% of the gross rental between 90 to 30 days prior to arrival...100% of the gross rental within 30 days prior to arrival.

Christmas Season cancellation fee is 50% of the gross rental fee if more than 90 days prior to arrival and 100% if less than 90 days prior to arrival.

Travel Insurance is strongly recommended!

How many Guests are included with the Carimo Villa Rental?

The maximum occupancy for any villa is two (2) people per bedroom unless stated otherwise on the villa description and rental contract.

If additional guests arrive above the contracted amount, it is grounds for requesting the guests to leave. 

Carimo Concierge will be happy to assist the additional guests to find alternative arrangements.

What Forms of Payment are accepted by Carimo Villa Rentals?

Bank Certified Check
Wire Transfer

How does the guests obtain Directions and Keys to a Carimo Villa Rental?

A Carimo Villa Representative will greet the guest at the St. Martin International Airport and escort the guest to the villa.

An Arrival information kit will be provided including a detailed map of the location of the villa.  This map is also available on the Carimo Website (www.carimo.com)

A Carimo Villa Representative will provide a complete walk-thru of the villa in order to get a full understanding of the features and services available.  A set of keys will be provided at that time.

Who does the Guest Contact in the event of a Problem while staying at the villa?

Carimo Villa Rentals has a full time Dedicated Concierge to handle any problems or requests.  The welcome kit will provide the contact information and he is available 24/7 including holidays.

Saint Martin Villa Rentals

St Martin villa rentals are some of the finest Villa rentals available in the Caribbean, offering a unique Villa experience unparalleled on neighboring islands. This stylish French Island paradise isn't known just for its exclusive selection of St. Martin villas: A diverse culture - the island is French on one side and Dutch on the other. Carimo is the premiere Real Estate Company on the island of St Martin. In their quest for superior service, Carimo offers Luxury villas as well as affordable villas in St Martin. Looking for an alternative to a Hotel try Carimo for the name in luxury and service. For adventuresome guests of St. Martin villa rentals, the island is also home to a wide variety of activities like scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and windsurfing.